"Meeting Galina as my first guitar teacher has overturned my life. I had had no idea what a fascinating, mesmerizing world classical guitar is. As a friend of Galina's children, I would often visit and hear her play the most beautiful pieces. For a while, I wondered silently how this exquisite sound was made until I finally started taking lessons and fell hopelessly in love with the guitar. Galina was my guitar mentor for four years, and in those years, my love for the instrument and understanding of music only grew. We have played easy pieces, hard pieces, duets, performed in house concerts and at public events."
The joy of music-making is one of the greatest pleasures one can experience, and I am deeply thankful to Galina for sharing her skills with me as well as for her endless kindness and patience."
Natasha P. (Guitar student at University of Victoria)
"Galina is a wonderful teacher, very patient and dedicated to her students. Through gentle encouragement and fun exercises built into each class she keeps her students engaged and fosters their interest in music. I am proud to say that I was one of Galina's first students in Canada and now my son is continuing this tradition. I enjoy seeing not only a steady improvement in his technical skills, but development of his interest in music in general."
Natalia Z. (Richmond)
"I studied guitar with Galina for 5 years. I don't think anybody expected me to make as much progress as I did. Galina was a really inspiring teacher, and although I was too pressed on time to continue with formal lessons, I've kept up a small repertoire of my favourite pieces. Thank you Galina, it's amazing to be able to express myself through music!"
Maria M. (Tswassen)

you have opened my musical future wide open, and have helped be a part of me making many positive life changes as my musical development has done so. Thank you for everything."
Kyle G. (Delta)