For the Preparatory RCM Guitar examination candidates must prepare two contrasting selections by different composers from the following list and two studies. For the full requirements for this level consult RCM Guitar Syllabus page 13. On this page, you can watch the videos with Galina playing the required repertoire and studies.

Bridges Preparatory Guitar Repertoire and Studies

Title and Composer Page
Dance of the Islands by Florian Lambert 6
Tea in  Picardy by Jeffrey McFadden 7
First Exercise on the E string by Johan Kasper Mertz 8
Dutch Dance by Hans Neusidler 8
Promenade by Robert Hamilton 9
Bransle de Poitou by Adrian Le Roy 9
Moorish Dance by Aaron Shearer 10
Carrousel by Claude Cagnon 11
Ejercicio by Jose Ferrer 12
Sicilienne by Matteo Carcassi 12
New Morning by Niels Eikelboom 13
Aeolian Mode by Reginald Smith Brindle 13
The Carousel Waltz by Richard Summers 14
Waltz op.241 no.1 by F.Carulli 15
Andante in C Major op.241, no.2 16
Sciapodus by Shawn Bell 17
"Eight" by R.Summers fast version 18
"Eight" by R.Summers slow version 18
Venus Beam by Jeffrey McFadden 19
Oasis-Express by Takashi Ogawa 20
Petit blues by Marc Belanger 21
Dreams by Richard Summers 22
La fin de l'ete (The End of Summer) 23
Etude in A Minor by Aaron Shearer 23
Prelude No.9 by Aaron Shearer 24
Lesson 46 Julio Sagreras 24
Pour trouver les notes 1 op. 60, no 1 by Fernando Sor 25
Lyrical Study No.14 by Richard Miles Jackman 26
Ukrainian Melody Folk Song 27
Lesson 48 by Julio Sagreras 27
Lesson 61 by Julio Sagreras 28
Lyrical Study No.4 by Richard Miles Jackman 29
Lyrical Study No.9 by Richard Miles Jackman 29
À la manière bulgare In Bugarian Style by Claudio Camisassa 30
The Flask  by Jeffrey McFadden 31
A Simple Dialogue by Shawn Bell 32
Ninou by Shawn Bell 33
Cabdriver by Niels Eikelboom 34