For Grade 5 RCM Guitar examination candidates must prepare two contrasting selections: one from the list A, one from the list B, one from the list C and two studies. For the full requirements for this level consult RCM Guitar Syllabus page 33. At this page you can watch the videos with Galina playing the required repertoire and studies for this level.

Bridges Grade 5 Guitar Repertoire and Studies

Piece title and Composer List Page
Renaisance and Baroque Repertoire    
Soneto VIII by E de Valderrabano List A 6
Capriccio by J.A.Lozy List A 7
Gavotte by J.A.Lozy List A 8
Dance by Anonymous List A 9
Partita VIII - IV Gigue by A.Brescianello List A 10
Kemp's Jig List A 11
Minuet by C.Petzold List A 12
My Lord Willoughby's Wlecome Home by … List A 13
Coranto No 4 by A.Ferrabosco List A 14
Se io m'accorgo - If I am troubled List A 15
Classical and Romantic Repertoire    
Waltz op.241 no.44 by Fernando Carulli List B 16
Agitato op 51 no 3 by M Giuliani List B 18
Allegretto op 35 no 8 by Fernando Sor List B 20
Allegretto op.51 no.15 by M.Giuliani List B 22
El Amable by J.Ferrer List B 24
Devertimento op.40 no.6 by M.Guiliani List B 26
Andante op.44 no.15 by F.Sor List B 27
Grazioso op.50 no.23 by M.Giuliani List B 28
Contradanza by D.Aguado List B 29
La Chasse The Hunt op.51 no.9 by N Coste List B 30
20th and 21st Century Repertoire    
Tango by M.Coghlan List C 32
Choral Fughetta by R.Benedict List C 33
La Ligamos Milonga by C.Camisassa List C 34
Prelude No.3 by Claude Cagnon List C 36
In the Olive Grove by Brian Katz List C 38
Suite del Plata No. 1 Preludio by Maximo … List C 39
Rêves d'été Summer Dreams by M.Yukich List C 40
Spanish Romance Traditional Arr. by R.H… List C 42
Petite valse des cinq cordes by F.Kleynjans List C 44
Etude op.60 no.10 by M.Carcassi Studies 45
Lesson 26 by Dionisio Aguado Studies 46
Andante by F. Carulli Studies 47
Lesson 35 by Dionisio Aguado Studies 48
Etude op.60 no.7 by Matteo Carcassi Studies 50
Lesson op.139 no.3 by Mauro Giuliani Studies 52
Andante Allegro op.6 no.2 by Fernando Sor Studies 54
Vivace op.48 no.1 by Mauro Giuliani Studies 55
Lullaby by Gary Davis Studies 56
Study by Brian Katz Studies 57
Lamento op.89 no.5 by Jacques Bosch Studies 58
Les acrobates by Frederic Konstantino Studies 59
Nocturne 1 by Robert Benedict Studies 60
Chromatic Study by Pierre Gallant Studies 62
Miniature No.19 by Alain Reiher Studies 64