For Grade 4 RCM Guitar examination candidates must prepare two contrasting selections: one from list A, one from list B, one from list C and two studies. For the full requirements for this level consult RCM Guitar Syllabus page 28. From this page you can access videos with Galina playing the required repertoire and studies for this level.

RCM Examination Example

Bridges Grade 4 Guitar Repertoire and Studies

Title and Composer List Page
Traditional, Renaissance, and Baroque Repertoire    
The Woods So Wild 16th-century English arr. J.McFadden A 6
Aria by J.A.Losy A 7
Ballet by Anonymous arr.J.McFadden A 8
Der Fuggerin Tanz attr.M.Neusidler A 9
Partial VIII III: Gavotte by G.A.Brescianello A 10
Suite for Lute II: Gavotte by I.Jelinek A 11
Lady Laiton's Almain by J.Dowland A 12
Mrs. Winter's Jump by J.Dowland A 13
Suite No.11 Sarabande by Visee A 14
Awake, Sweet Love by J.Dowland A 15
Sarabande by J.A.Losy A 16
Classical and Romantic Repertoire    
Waltz op.8, no.2 by F.Sor B 17
Allegretto op.241, no.14 by F.Carulli B 18
Exercise 90 by D.Aguado B 20
Divertimento op.40, no.11 by M.Giuliani B 21
Larghetto op.50, no.17 by M.Giuliani B 22
Polonaise by G.Donizetti B 23
Rondo op.241, no.34 by F.Carulli B 24
Andante op.31, no.4 by F.Sor B 26
Soldatenmarsch op.68, no.2 by R.Schumann B 27
Waltz No 2 by F.Molino B 28
Late Romantinc, 20th and 21st century Repertoire  
School Blues by B.Katz C 29
Lagrima (Tear) Prelude by F.Tarrega C 30
Divagando (Choro) by D.Semenzato C 31
Miniature No. 3 by A.Raiher C 33
Pomp and Ceremony by R. Summers C 34
Pinocchio by F.Costantino C 35
Monotonia by R.Riera C 36
Die Rose im Garten by C.Domeniconi C 37
Elephant and Ceremony by N.Koshkin C 38
Impressions Soleil couchant by R.Dyens C 40
Lesson 29 by D.Aguado Study 40
Lesson 10 by D.Aguado Study 41
Lamento op.89, no.5 by J.Bosch Study 42
Lesson 67 by D.Aguado Study 43
Exercise 8 by D.Aguado Study 44
Andantino Gracioso op.241, no.39 by F.Carulli Study 45
Prelude No.2 by C.Gagnon Study 46
Allegretto op.50, no.22 by M.Giuliani Study 47
Exercise 13 op.35, no.13 by F.Sor Study 48
Sonata No.27 I Menuet by N.Paganini Study 49
Madre e hijo (Mother and Son) by E.G. de Leon Study 50
Reminiscence by N.Kraft Study 51