For Grade 3 RCM Guitar examination candidates must prepare two contrasting selections: one from list A, one from list B, one from list C, and two studies. For the full requirements for this level consult RCM Guitar Syllabus page 24. At this page, you can watch the videos with Galina playing the required repertoire and studies.

RCM 2018 Grade 3 Guitar Repertoire and Studies

Title and Composer List Page
Traditional, Renaissance, and Baroque Repertoire    
Menuet by Vise A 6
Good King Wenceslas arr.J.McFadded A 6
Dance de Village (Village Dance) A 7
Espanoleta by G.Sanz A 8
Greensleeves arr.B.Mahon A 9
Almande by Roy A 10
Mary Hamilton arr.P.Hudson A 11
Menuet III by J.S.Bach arr N.Kraft A 12
Prelude in C Major A 13
Sarabande by Anonymous 17th cent, arr.C.Gagnon A 14
Classical and Romantic Repertoire    
Waltz, op.124 no.117 by F.Carulli B 15
Moderato, op.60, no. 7 by F.Sor B 16
Andante, op. 241, no.17 by F.Carulli B 17
Andante by J.K.Mertz B 18
Andantino, op.44, no.3 by F.Sor B 19
Andantino, op.44, no.5 by F.Sor B 20
La Chasse (The Hunt) op.59, part 3, no. 30 B 21
Pour trouver les notes 5 B 22
Menuet by N.Paganini B 23
Fur Elise by L.van Beethoven B 24
Stuckhen by R.Schumann B 25
Waltz op.241 no.24 by F.Carulli B 26
Late Romantinc, 20th and 21st century Repertoire    
El coyuyo (The Cicada) by H.Ayala C 27
Les blues des grenouilles by C.Gagnon C 28
Sherry's Waltz by A.York C 29
Piexe vivo by I. Savio C 30
Pascale by G.Montreuil C 31
Rumba a Gatelle by T.Tisserrand C 32
Reverie by S Bell C 34
Bells by J.Brown C 35
Danza del gatto by C.Domeniconi C 36
Miami by G.Montreuil C 37
Samba Le-le by I.Savio C 38
Andantino mosso by M.Giuliani Study 39
Ancient Drums by N.Craft Study 40
Ejercicio by J.Ferrer Study 41
Study in F Major op.39., no.27 by A.Diabelli Study 42
Exercice pour les sixtes by F.Sor Study 43
Study in C Major by F.Tarrega Study 44
Lesson 65 by J.Sagreras Study 45
Premiere guagirana byJ.Bosch Study 46
Lesson 80 by J.Sagreras Study 47
Andantino op.44, no.3 by C.Blum Study 48
Andante op.44, no.1 by C.Blum Study 50
Un parfum qui berce (A soothing perfume) by B.Piris Study 51
Recognition by R.M.Jackman Study 52
Volatility by J.McFadden Study 53
Allegretto op.114, no.26 by F.Carulli Study 54
Lesson 15 (Waltz) D.Aguado Study 55
Daybreak by R.Summers Study 56