For Grade 2 RCM Guitar examination candidates must prepare two contrasting selections: one from the list A and one from the list B and two studies. For the full requirements for this level consult RCM Guitar Syllabus page 19. At this page you can watch the videos with Galina playing the required repertoire and studies for this level.

Bridges Grade 2 Guitar Repertoire and Studies

Title List Page
Traditional, Renaissanse and Baroque Repertoire    
Llynn Onn (Ash Grove) Trad. Welsh arr. Paul Gerrits A 6
Early One Morning  Trad. English arr. R.Summers A 6
Espanoletta by G.Sanz A 7
Allemande by  J.Morlaye Arr. Jeffrey McFadden A 7
There is a Lady Sweet and Kind by T.Ford A 8
Good King Wenceslas Trad. Arr. J.McFadden A 8
Bourree ll by J.S.Bach arr.J.A.Creagham A 9
What Is a Day Ph.Rosseter A 9
Bransle  J.Morlaye Arr. Jeffrey McFadden A 10
Gaillarde G.Morlaye Arr. Jeffrey McFadden A 10
Countances  by Th. Tisserand A 11
Packington's Pound Anonymous arr. A.Creaghan A 12
Pavaniglia and Canario arr. C.Clavi A 13
Canario arr. C.Clavi A 13
Scarborough Fair Trad.English arr.N.Kraft A 14
Gigue by J.A.Lozy A 14
Classical, Romantic, 20th and 21st -century Repertoire  
Ecossaise, op.33 no.11 by M.Giuliani B 15
Waltz by F.Carulli  B 15
Andante op.44, no.1 by F.Sor  B 16
Waltz by D.Aguado B 17
Arietta by J.Kuffner B 17
Allegretto op.44, no.2 by F.Sor  B 19
Andante op.241, no. 18 by F.Carulli B 20
Andante op.35, no.1 by F.Sor  B 22
Waltz by F.Carulli B 23
Andantino op.241 no.20 by F.Carulli B 23
Romanze J.K.Mertz B 25
Lesson op.31, no.1 by F.Sor  B 26
Andantino op.35, no. 2 by F.Sor B 26
Tango pour Mario by  J.Montreuil B 27
Lesson 13 by F.Sor  B 28
Amusement by F.Horetzy B 28
Equilibrato (Balance) by C.Domeniconi B 29
Klangbuild 24 by C.Domeniconi B 30
Ruscello (A brook) by C.Domeniconi B 31
Nostalgia by C.Domeniconi B 31
Ancient Drum by N.Kraft B 32
Calmo by J.Zenamon B 33
A Memory by R.Summers B 33
Reverie by S.Bell B 34
First Exercise in 6ths by F.Sor  Studies 35
Exercise No.10 by D.Aguado Studies 36
Lesson 75 by J.Sagreras Studies 37
Study in A minor by D.Aguado Studies 38
Andantino by F.Sor Studies 38
Andantino op.241, no.19 by F.Carulli Studies 39
Moderato by F.Carulli Studies 40
Moderato op.59, part 3, no.11 by M.Carcassi Studies 41
Study by N.Kraft Studies 42
Study in Imitations by P.Gallant Studies 42
Semplice (Simple) by C.Domeniconi Studies 43
Folk Song by R.M.Jackman Studies 44
Very Scary Bass Study by J.Brown Studies 45
Lesson 65 by J. Sagreras Studies 45
The Blue Knight by M.Coghlan Studies 46