For Grade 1 RCM Guitar examination candidates must prepare two contrasting selections by different composers from the following list and two studies. For the full requirements for this level consult RCM Guitar Syllabus page 14. At this page you can watch the videos with Galina playing the required repertoire and studies.

RCM Grade 1 Guitar Repertoire and Studies

Title and Composer Page
Branle englese by Emanuel Andriaesen 6
Lullaby by Isaias Savio 6
"Calleno costure me" by Anonymous  7
Lemon Ice, 10 cents by J.McFadden 7
Menuet by S.Bell 8
Les Marionnettes by Remi Bouchard 8
"What If a Day, a Month or a Year" by Anonymous 9
Chanson vieillotte by Claude Cagnon 9
Vacances by Yvon Demilac  10
Bohemian Folk Song (Anonymous)  10
Anglaise 1 by Francesco Molino  11
Ecossaise by Mauro Giuliani op.33 no.2 11
Waltz op. 121 no.1 by Ferdinando Carulli 12
Andantino op.50, 1 by M.Giuliani 13
Poco Allegretto op.246 by Ferdinando Carulli  14
Country Dance by Ferdinando Carulli 14
Waltz op.241, no.4 by Ferdinando Carulli 15
Amusement op. 18, no.10 by F.Horetzky 16
Andantino op.241 no.5 by Ferdinando Carulli 16
Andantino op.39, no.2 by A.Diabelli 17
Anglaise op.121 no.6 by Ferdinando Carulli 17
Waltz by Bartlome Calatuyud 18
Walking by A.York 20
Andantino in C Major by M. Carcassi 21
Big City Blues by James Brown 21
Andaluza by C.Camisassa 22
Ninna-Nanna Lullaby by Carlo Domeniconi 22
Travelin' by Mikhael Coghlan 23
Midnight in Sevilla by J.McFadden 24
Quasars by Michael Coghlan 25
Barcarola by M.Loncar 26
Minuetto by Carlo Dominiconi 26
Little Herd Boy 27
Souvenir d'automne by S.Iannarelli 28
Ironia (Irony) by C.Domeniconi 29
Lesson 75  by J.Sagreras 29
Study in A minor by Claude Cagnon 30
Lesson 7 by Dionisio Aguado 30
Lesson 64 by Dionisio Aguado  31
Lesson 6 by Dionisio Aguado 31
Andante Grazioso op.211, no.2 by F.Carulli 32
Lyrical Study No.13 by R.M.Jackman 32
Lesson 66 by J.Sagreras 33
Lesson 64 by J.Sagreras 33
Moderato op.39, no. 15 by Dionisio Aguado 34
Study in D Magor TI ii-40 by Francisco Tarrega 34
Ostinato by Norbert Craft 35
Dance by Carlo Domeniconi 35
Flocon de neige by F.Costantino 37
Jazzy Blues by Peter McAllister 37
Moonlight by S.Rak 38