Studio Policy


Private lessons range from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the student’s age and level. While it is decided with each student/parent on individual basis, the general guidelines/recommendations are as following:
  1. Level 1 (3-8 years, Suzuki Book 1, RCM Prep): one 30 minutes private lesson per week, usually two 45 minutes group lessons per month.
  2. Level 2: (8-10 years, Suzuki Books 1-2, RCM Bridges Prep - 1) one 45 minute private lesson per week, usually two 60 minutes group lessons per month.
  3. Level 3: (10 – 12 years, Suzuki Books 3-4, RCM Bridges 2-4) 60 minute private lessons per week, usually two 90 group lessons per month (including theory).
  4. Level 4: (12 - 14 years, Suzuki Books 5-6, RCM Bridges 5-7) 60 minute private lessons per week, usually four 90 group lessons per month (including theory).
  5. Level 5: (14 and up years, Suzuki Books 7-9, RCM Bridges 8-ARCM) one 90 minute (or two 45 minutes) private lesson(s) per week, usually four 90 minutes group lessons per month (including theory).
Group lessons are included in the monthly fee. The total tuition fee on a monthly invoice will vary, depending on number of lessons in the month. Inquire about current rates.
Payments can be made in cash, by PayPal or by credit card. Invoices will be issued mid­month, and payments are due for the upcoming month before the first lesson of the month. Payments over 15 business days late will be charged a $20 reinstatement fee.
Lessons that fall on statutory holidays will be rescheduled.  Each student’s lesson time has been set aside and reserved for the entire school year from September 4th of 2018 to June 29th 2019. Students are expected to stay for the full school year.
Cancellation by student

A 24-hour notice in case of missed lesson is required.
If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, inform your teacher by email or text message ASAP. Make up lesson will be scheduled during the next two months. No more than two cancellations during the calendar year are allowed. Make-up credits are not given if notice is submitted less than 24 hours in advance. Parents/students are encouraged to exchange times with other students if needed (instead of cancellation). Missed group lessons are not refunded or rescheduled.  
Cancellation by teacher

In the rare case of teacher cancellation due to illness or travel, lesson times will be made up at an alternative time during the next two month, or a credit will be applied to your account.  

Cancellation by Act of Nature

No cancellation will be accepted due to inclement weather or power outage, unless it is local/national emergency. In this case lessons will be rescheduled if possible or you will receive a half­-credit to your account.


One month notice by email prior to the first day of the month is required if lessons are to be discontinued. Failure to attend lessons does not qualify as notification. Failure to notify the teacher does not release a student from his/her financial obligation and is not an acceptable form of notification of intent to withdraw.

Teacher’s Expectations
  • Parents of younger children are expected to attend all lessons and take notes.
  • Students are expected to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson.
  • Students are expected to come to lesson organized and bring all the necessary music and homework to the lesson.
  • Students are expected to practice at least half an hour every day (younger children – with the help of parents) and come to lesson prepared. All lesson material should be reviewed and polished. Each year of studies - add 15 more minutes to practice time.
  • Students are expected to participate in concerts and festivals recommended by the teacher.
  • Students are encouraged to attend guitar concerts and other live music events.
  • Students and their parents are strongly encouraged to become members of the Vancouver Classic Guitar Society and participate in its activities.

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